Why emerging multi-unit groups make better long term tenants than national brands

It has long been thought national brands, or more specifically national credit tenants, are the best long term tenants for most retail spaces. Why? Sign up to see this idea has changed. Plus, with Retailsphere, you'll also have a world-class retailer database attached to your CRM tool. Download our e-book today to learn more!


To accurately determine the best type of long term tenant for your space, it is important to understand what factors lead to a good tenant. 

1 - National Brand as a Long Term Tenant
2 -  What makes a Good Long Term Tenant
3 - Multi-Unit vs National Brand




Shaking Hands

Best Long Term Tenants

How to determine the best long term tenants for your space

Taking Notes

Multi-Unit vs National

A look at the difference between multi-unit groups and national brands?

Closing more Deals

Why Multi-Unit Groups

Multi-Unit groups are seen as the best of
both worlds - some level of corporate backing with
a more localized footprint.

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